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From Plantation Lunches to L&L Hawaiian BBQ: The Evolution of the BBQ Mix Plate

L&L Hawaiian BBQ is a chain of fast-food restaurants that specialize in Hawaiian-style cuisine, including BBQ mix plates. The origins of the BBQ mix plate can be traced back to the Hawaiian tradition of a "plate lunch," which typically includes a scoop of rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, and a choice of protein. L&L Hawaiian BBQ was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1976 by Eddie Flores Jr. and Johnson Kam. The restaurant quickly gained popularity among locals and tourists alike for its affordable and delicious plate lunches. The BBQ mix plate became a signature dish at L&L Hawaiian BBQ, featuring a combination of grilled meats such as chicken, beef, and pork served alongside rice and macaroni salad. As the popularity of L&L Hawaiian BBQ grew, the chain expanded beyond Hawaii and now has over 200 locations worldwide, including in the United States, Japan, and New Zealand. The BBQ mix plate remains a favorite among customers and is often considered the quintessential dish of Hawaiian cuisine. Over the years, L&L Hawaiian BBQ has introduced various twists on the BBQ mix plate, such as adding teriyaki sauce or substituting rice with noodles. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian option with grilled tofu as the protein. Today, the BBQ mix plate remains a staple dish at L&L Hawaiian BBQ and continues to be a popular choice among customers looking for a taste of Hawaii.

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